Cloud 9 Caviar & Crystal 9mm REPLACED BY PURE DESIRE

Cloud 9 Caviar & Crystal 9mm REPLACED BY PURE DESIRE

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Caviar & Crystal 9mm underlay has now been replaced with Pure Desire premium high density underlay

A top of the range 9mm thick underlay for luxury domestic areas, Pure Desire can be ordered via this listing at a very low introductory price.

With a tog rating of 2.37 and a sound impact reduction rating  of 39 db for noise suppression, this premium high density underlay is suitable for use all around the home. Excellent compression recovery properties and a truly luxurious underfoot feel.

With a foam core and high quality stitch-bonded paper backing, it is light and easy to handle and it cuts and fits with ease. 

Suitable for use throughout the home where a luxurious feel is required (but not suitable for use with underfloor heating)

pure desire


Easy Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Premium High
Thermal Insulation
2.37 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
39 db est
Top Surface
Stitch bonded paper
Bottom Surface
Non-woven fabric
Underfoot Comfort
Suggested Use
Living areas, stairs, bedrooms


Lowest price in rolls of 15 square metres

(11.00 x 1.37 approx.)

from £5.25 sq. mtr. / £78.75 roll


perfect quality underlay


low carpet prices