5th Dimension STRATO fibre felt underlay

5th Dimension STRATO fibre felt underlay

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Strato is a floor levelling underlay, part of the 5th Dimension Range and is designed to smooth out all but the most uneven areas to provide a sound base on which to lay your new flooring.


5th Dimension underlays are a collaboration between Heavenly and Silenzia underlay brands.


Made from flexible wood fibre and 5mm thick, Strato has excellent sound reducing properties of around 20 db, absorbing both impact sound and in-room noise.


In easy to handle rolls of 11 square metres, Strato is an excellent alternative to fibre board panels and which is more resilient, flexible and easier to cut and install.


Lowest price in rolls of 11 square metres

(11.00 x 1.00 approx.) £2.72 sq. mtr. / £29.92 roll

Also in half rolls of 5.50 sq. mtrs, plus you can also top up with additional square metres if required. Choose the quantity needed from the 'product options' box.


perfect quality underlay


low carpet prices