Pure Tread 9mm Ultra High Density Plus carpet underlay

Pure Tread 9mm Ultra High Density Plus carpet underlay

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Pure Tread is a 'super ultra high density plus' carpet underlay that is suitable for the heaviest wear areas, including stairs. This product has one of the highest rated core densities of any foam underlay, giving absolutely outstanding support to your carpet, keeping it looking great for longer.

Excellent thermal insulation with a tog value of 2.44 and sound impact reduction value of 39db. A superb product to maintain carpet appearance.

Suitable for areas throughout the home (but not suitable for use with underfloor heating)


Easy Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Ultra High Plus
Thermal Insulation
2.44 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
39 db est
Top Surface
Non-woven scrim
Bottom Surface
Non-woven scrim
Underfoot Comfort
Suggested Use
Living areas, stairs, bedrooms, other heavy wear areas


Lowest price in rolls of 15 square metres

(11.00 x 1.37 approx.) £3.59 sq. mtr. / £53.85 roll

Also in midi rolls of 10 sq. mtrs and mini rolls of 5 sq. mtrs, plus you can also top up with additional square metres if required. Choose the quantity needed from the 'product options' box.


perfect quality underlay


low carpet prices