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Springbond 7mm Carpet Underlay

Springbond 7mm Carpet Underlay

Product Options

Roll Size

Springbond FR 7mm is suitable for both double stick and stretch-fit installations in heavy contract areas. With a great combination of durability, comfort and sustainabililty, Springbond 7mm is lightweight, dust free, very easy to cut and shape and has a smooth branded surface to aid pulling carpet over.

With 85% of the underlay made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single use plastics, SpringBond® is trying to combat the eight million tonnes that fill our oceans every year while improving household air pollution at the same time, offering a cleaner living environment for everyone.

The average homeowner could see up to 900 recycled bottles used in underlay in their home. Springbond is made from recycled PET diverting single use plastic bottles from the environment. It is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Springbond requires no additional chemical flame retardants to achieve the established UK flooring standards and thus allows Springbond to achieve an extremely low VOC content in comparison with other types.

Springbond also comes in two other varieties - 9mm for heavy contract installations and 11mm for stretch fit luxury use areas.

Key features of SpringBond:-
85% Recycled fibres and recyclable after use
Maximum performance, minimal environmental impact
Added comfort, warmth and softness underfoot
Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
Odourless and no harmful VOC content
Naturally breathable: moisture, rot and mildew repellent
Ideal for every stretch fit installation and for double-stick installations.
Light weight, easy 'fit' and dust free



Easy Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Recycled P.E.T.
Nominal Thickness
VOC Extremely low
Thermal Insulation
1.66 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
45 db
Chemical Free
Fire Retardancy
Naturally fire retardant
Underfoot Comfort
Suggested Use
Living areas, bedrooms, stairs, heavy contract.


Lowest price in rolls of 15 square metres

(10.00 x 1.50 approx.)

from £5.10 sq. mtr. / £76.50 roll

Also in midi rolls of 10 sq. mtrs and mini rolls of 5 sq. mtrs, plus you can also top up with additional square metres if required. Choose the quantity needed from the 'product options' box.


perfect quality underlay


low carpet prices