Natural Choice Woolblend Felt carpet underlay

Natural Choice Woolblend Felt carpet underlay

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Natural Choice is a thick traditional felt underlay suitable for vitually all areas around the home and for many contract areas. Environmentally friendly, it is made from a blend of wool, natural jute and synthetic recycled fibres, primarily a by-product of carpet manufacture and is excellent at maintaining carpet appearance. Nominal weight is 1190gm per square metre

Made in the United Kingdom in accordance with BS5808 using modern and efficient manufacturing techniques, this underlay has not travelled thousands of miles before reaching your floor, unlike some underlays you will find on other sites and in certain retailers.

11mm thick approximately, Natural Choice Felt also passes BS4790 (flammability) with low radius of effects of ignition.

Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet under which it is laid from new, this underlay can also be recycled at the end of its useful life. As you might expect from an underlay with great credentials this product is delivered in packaging made from recycled materials.


Lowest price in rolls of 15 square metres

(11.00 x 1.37 approx.) £2.99 sq. mtr. / £44.85 roll

Also in midi rolls of 10 sq. mtrs and mini rolls of 5 sq. mtrs, plus you can also top up with additional square metres if required. Choose the quantity needed from the 'product options' box.


perfect quality underlay


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