Super Saver Deal 11mm carpet underlay

  Super Saver Deal 11mm carpet underlay

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Our lowest price offer on 11mm foam carpet underlay.

This is a stock-levelling offer which helps us to maintain our stocks at the correct level on a daily basis.

Take advantage of this offer and you will receive one of the 11mm foam carpet underlays that can be found elsewhere on our website, but at a rather lower price. We can't promise which brand of underlay it will be. as this will vary from day to day, but rest assured it will be great value for money at this price. Due to the nature of this offer we may occasionally upgrade to 12mm thick at no extra cost.


Lowest price in rolls of 15 square metres

(11.00 x 1.37 approx.) under £2.00 sq. mtr. / £29.99 roll

Also available in half rolls of 7.5 square metres

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perfect quality underlay


low carpet prices