AirLuxe 10mm Carpet Underlay Multi-Buy

AirLuxe 10mm Carpet Underlay Multi-Buy

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 5 Rolls (=£199.95)
 6 Rolls (=£239.99)
 7 Rolls (=£279.93)
 8 Rolls (=£319.92)
 9 Rolls (=£359.91)
 10 Rolls (=£399.90)
 11 Rolls (=£438.89)
 12 Rolls (=£467.88)

10mm thick foam no-frills underlay that's made in the UK and is great value for money.

No fancy packaging or advertising, the value is in the product alone, which offers great underfoot comfort and is quiet underfoot as there are no noisy paper backings used in manufacture.

With an estimated tog value of 2.30 and a sound impact reduction rating estimated at 37db this underlay is guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet under which it is laid from new.

Sold by the full roll of 15 square metres

Picture is for illustation only, actual colour of underlay and packaging may vary

Suitable for areas throughout the home (but not suitable for use with underfloor heating)



Easy Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Medium
Thermal Insulation
2.30 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
37 db est
Top Surface
Coloured fleece
Bottom Surface
Coloured scrim
Underfoot Comfort
Suggested Use
Living areas, bedrooms


From £38.99 per roll (11.00 x 1.37 approx.)


perfect quality underlay 


low carpet prices